Gardena JCI Kendo Dojo History

Gardena JCI Kendo Dojo was established in 1990 by dedicated Sensei who came together with the sole purpose of teaching the art of Kendo, that they loved and honored, to anyone interested in learning.  They were obligated not for any financial gain, but by their joy of being able to practice Kendo and to teach Kendo as they were taught.  This is their legacy.

Our founders, Fukunaga Sensei, 7 Dan; Higuchi Sensei, 8 Dan; Amemiya Sensei, 7 Dan; Tokuno Sensei, 7 Dan; Sato Sensei, 4th Dan; Sameshima Sensei, 4 Dan; Matsumoto Sensei, 4 Dan; Yasutomi Sensei, 5 Dan, and Sakurai Sensei, 5 Dan, were determined to hand their knowledge of Kendo they acquired from many years of training down to future generations.  In the process, they forged the metal that created the spirit of our dojo.   Fukunaga Sensei, Higuchi Sensei and Amemiya Sensei all trained under the guidance of the famous Torao Mori Sensei in Gardena.  It was Amemiya Sensei who was last to practice with Mori Sensei and it is also Mori Sensei who we humbly pay tribute to in our dojo.    During this time Fukunaga Sensei, Higuchi Sensei and Amemiya Sensei approached the Gardena Valley JCI and came to an agreement to hold their practices on Friday nights.  Their very first practice consisted of a mere 4 students (our current head instructor was one) and 8 Sensei.

Our Dojo’s history would not be complete without the outstanding parents and supporters, of the Gardena JCI Kendo Dojo.    They gave so much in these early days to ensure the success of this dojo.  In fact, all the families and supporters who have worked together and were involved in its positive direction created the very soul of who we are.  In these beginning days there was no mission statement, or philosophy; instead, these ideals were bestowed upon the dojo by the people that cared for the survival of our dojo and became extended family in the process.  The values of our dojo are the students and the families who work together to build upon the past.

Gardena JCI Kendo Dojo is a non- profit institution dedicated to the practice, teaching and promotion of Kendo in its community.  Of the founding Sensei, Amemiya Sensei and Sameshima Sensei continue to be active in the guidance of