Enrollment Information

Applications for enrollment are taken at the first practice in the months of January, April, July, and October.

Annual Federation Dues

So. Calif. Kendo Fed.

All US Kendo Fed.

17 years and younger



18 years and older



Gardena JCI Kendo Dojo Monthly Membership Dues

One Student


Two Students

From one family


Three Students

From one family


Four Students

From one family


Five Students

From one family


Fees are due and payable on the first Friday practice of each month.

All new students, with or without prior experience, are required to pay 3 months Dojo tuition in advance and also SCKF and AUSKF annual dues, as their enrollment fees. After the 3 months have elapsed, the Dojo membership fees will be collected on a monthly basis.

Example for new member to start:
If you are 17 years and younger —– $99.00
(This includes SCKF annual fee $14, AUSKF annual fee $25, and 3x membership dues $60)

If you are 18 years and older —– $126.00
(This includes SCKF annual fee $26, AUSKF annual fee $40, and 3x membership dues $60)

Once a member of Gardena JCI Kendo Dojo, you will be asked to help in various Dojo functions and at local tournaments that take place throughout the year. In addition, your name will be added to our current membership list and you will be asked on a rotational basis to provide bottled water for after practice.

Your attendance is important, so you are asked to notify the instructors by phone or by e-mail if you are unable to attend practice. This will help in planning the lesson for that evening

Note: Fees not included are for tournament entry, promotional exam, promotional certificates, event lunches, special Dojo events, special Federation events, and miscellaneous personal equipment.